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    A Book by Larisa Sesterikov

    The Practice of Parenting

    How ambitious are you for your children to think independently, trust themselves, enjoy what they do, and achieve their goals? Do you want them to be successful, self-confident, and yet not entitled? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes.

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Larisa Sesterikov

Larisa Sesterikov was born in communist Yugoslavia, grew up in Africa, has lived in Europe and America, and spent extended periods in Asia. She holds a BSC-Hons in Computer Science and has a Master of Project Management. For The Practice of Parenting, Larisa has applied her considerable science and management background and her training in several disciplines of psychology to research child psychology and psychology in general, while integrating them with good practices in child rearing from all corners of the world. She lives with her husband and daughter dividing their time between Chamonix Mt-Blanc and London, United Kingdom.

Larisa Sestrikov - Author - The Parctice Of Parenting

Larisa Sesterikov

Larisa Sestrikov - Parctice Of Parenting - A Manual - Author
The Parctice Of Parenting - A Manual by Larisa Sestrikov - 03

About the book

The Practice Of Parenting - A Manual

Most of us are not taught to parent or have been poorly parented ourselves, so how can we expect to parent well?

In order to overcome this “parenting education deficit,” struggling parents often turn to books but end up with a pile next to their beds, each one describing only a small portion of what they require.

Well, here’s a book that provides answers, the How do we do this? It covers care-giving from the womb all the way to when the child is ready to leave home. Inside, you’ll find well researched facts, revelatory tips, active practices to apply, and a huge array of examples, processes, and procedures on how to be the parent you want to be.

What’s more, it’s a set of guidelines and tools you can give to any of your child’s caregivers as a manual to follow on how you’d like your children to be raised when you’re not around.

In the style of the old computer manuals, in which a table of contents shows you where to look for what you need, The Practice of Parenting is a one-stop shop to help parents and caregivers resolve the myriad issues they will encounter in child care, while providing a multitude of ways to help them cope.

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The Practice Of Parenting - A manual


Office management applied to managing kids and vice versa” could summarise this book with the bottom line being: “How ambitious or concerned are you?”

How ambitious are you for your children to think independently and trust themselves, to enjoy what they do and achieve their goals, and to be successful and self-confident, yet not entitled?
How concerned are you that the environment you find yourself in, and that you have to raise your children in, does not foster this?

If the answer is that you are ambitious or concerned to any degree, then you are likely to find at least some of the content of this book useful. Most of us are not taught to parent, so how can we expect to parent well in turn? This can also be said of our own parents, their parents, and so on. This is not a moral failure but a lack of skill, a parenting education deficit. Most people turn to books for help to correct this but then hit a stumbling block, ending up with a pile of books next to their bed, each one describing only a small portion of what they require

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Foreword Clarion

"With heartfelt wisdom for juggling the challenges of helping children grow up, The Practice of Parenting: A Manual is a inspiring book that takes a mindful approach to parenting, with the emotional and developmental needs of children placed front and center."


The Practice of Parenting - A Manual


A toolkit for helping to enable your child to thrive in a competitive world while ensuring they stay confident and happy in their own skin

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